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APIQ Management advise that 'Boar Taint Vaccine' may now be used by producers that are CSC certified.  This amendment has been reviewed and approved by the APL Board and took effect 16 January 2017

The amended standard for 'CSC 1.3 Antibiotics, Growth Promotants and Hormone Use' :


Pigs are not given Growth Promotants, Hormones and/or antibiotics unless prescribed by a veterinarian.                                           

Performance Indicators:

A. The following products are not used:

  • Hormone Growth Promotants.

  • Porcine Somatotropin.

  • Ractopamine.

  • Boar Taint Vaccine
  • Antibiotics that suppress subclinical disease, unless prescribed by a veterinarian, with a copy of the prescription kept on file at the piggery.


Following an internal review, Coles took the decision to amend this requirement.  APL supported the change as a positive animal welfare outcome and improvment to the CSC Standards and Performance Indicators. 

Producers are encouraged to determine if, where and how boar taint vaccine fits into your operation in consultation with your animal health advisors and, if used, to amend your Standard Operating Procedures, Work Instructions and systems to ensure they're up to date, followed and ready for audit.