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The APIQtickp18x19® Panel

The APIQalt®Panel’s role is to make decisions regarding producer and auditor issues of non-compliance to APIQalt® Policy and Standards and the integrity of APIQalt® as a recognised program of high quality that adds value to producers.

The Panel gives producers, auditors and APIQalt® Management (APIQM) a place to go when they have concerns about audit outcomes, certification, APIQalt® policies and other APIQalt® related issues of concern. The Panel does this by directing an appeals, incident investigation and review process with administrative support provided by APIQM. The Panel’s decisions are final and independent of APIQM.

The Panel members include Eric Thornton, Tim Kingma, Sharon Starick, Jeremy Whitby,  Helen Fletcher and Rob Cumine.  The Panel members are experienced and well qualified individuals for their role on The Panel. 

Panel membership includes:

  • An intensive livestock veterinarian;
  • An independent specialist auditor (preferably with an intensive farming background);
  • One or two independent producers (but not an APL producer elected Board Director);
  • A representative nominated by the APL Board; AND
  • An individual from the supply chain (e.g. a customer representative).


Sharon 2  

Sharon Starick

Sharon Starick is a South Australian pig producer who is actively involved in establishing     and maintaining Quality Assurance in her own piggery. Sharon also has a keen interest in   conservation and natural resource management serving on several Regional, State and National boards and is extensively involved in the community.  She is a director of Animal Health Australia.


Dr Eric Thornton

Dr Eric Thornton is The Panel’s intensive livestock veterinarian representative, is a Victorian based veterinarian, viticulturalist and livestock producer with many years experience in intensive agriculture.


Helen Fletcher

Helen Fletcher is the independent non pig auditor representative on the Panel. Helen is the CHM Alliance Pty Ltd Quality Manager and manages the internal audits for ISO, APIQalt®, HACCP, SQF, Yum!, Woolworths and Coles food safety systems as required for piggeries, egg farms, feed mills, poultry farms and egg processors.

 Jeremy Whitby   

Jeremy Whitby

Jeremy Whitby is an owner in Queensland National Pork Holdings (QNPH), a mulit site pork production operation. Jeremy believes Quality Assurance programs are an essential tool in managing production systems of the future.

 Tim Kingma 

Tim Kingma

Tim Kingma is a Victorian pig producer who owns and manages a 1,400 sow Farrow to Finish operation on two sites. Tim overseas and implements the business Quality Assurance program.  Tim is passionate about the pig industry and is involved in the industry at a State and National level.  Tim joins the APIQ Panel as an independent producer representative.