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The APIQalt® Gestation Stall Free (GSF) Standards outlined in the APIQalt® Standards Manual Version 4.1 10/2015, are proving to be a valuable addition to the APIQalt® program. GSF is not compulsory, but if you meet the GSF Standards your compliance can be verified at any time by an APIQ Registered Auditor.

APIQalt® GSF Standards and Performance Indicators have been developed and approved by the APL Board to give APIQalt® certified producers a means to show that their farm(s) has phased out gestation stalls. This option is in line with the industry’s Shaping our Future commitment of November 2010 where APL Delegates voted to pursue the voluntary phase out of gestation stalls by 2017.

The approved GSF Standards and Performance Indicators are listed in Option A: Gestation Stall Free (CSF) of the APIQalt® Standards Manual, Version 4.1 10/2015. Only APIQalt® certified producers that are fully compliant with these Standards and Performance Indicators at relevant sites and facilities may be verified as GSF.  Producers with sites and facilities that are in transition to GSF cannot be GSF verified.

To be verified GSF you need to revise your Piggery Management Manual, SOPs, Work Instructions, maps and plans to reflect the changes to your on-farm systems to meet the GSF requirements and then:

  • Ensure that your auditor audits against the APIQalt® GSF Standards in your next APIQalt® Compliance Audit; OR
  • If you need verification earlier than your next Compliance Audit, have a registered APIQalt® Auditor visit the piggery at any time to complete an audit[1] against the GSF Standards and Performance Indicators.

The reports are sent to APIQM and when compliance is verified in writing, APIQM will revise your PigPass registration to show that you meet GSF requirements and provide a revised APIQalt® Certificate.

It is the producer’s responsibility to notify their customers, retailers and other third parties unless you authorise APIQM in writing to do this.

The Australian Pork Limited (APL) “Gestation Stall Free” definition as voted by APL delegates, November 2010, is found here.

The Australian pork industry is moving voluntarily and swiftly to a gestation stall free production system whereby the sows are not individually confined for at least 90 per cent of their pregnancies as outlined in the APL GSF definition.

[1] Note: Verification is valid to the current APIQalt® Certification expiry date unless a complete Compliance Audit is undertaken and certification approved, in which case a new expiry date will be issued as at the month of the audit.