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The APIQ Panel (Panel) is a panel of experts from various fields which is independent of the APL Board, the APL Board Quality Assurance (QA) Committee, APIQ Auditors and APIQ Management allowing it to make assessments and rulings in regard to an individual’s or organisation’s performance against the prescribed APIQalt® program.

Panel Members:

Chairperson, Mrs Sharon Starick (Kongolia Farms, Cambria, SA) 

Producer representatives:

  • Mr Tim Kingma (Gunpork Joint Venture, Vic) and;
  • Mr Jeremy Whitby (Queensland Natural Pork Holdings, QLD). 

Intensive livestock veterinarian, Dr Eric Thornton, a Victorian based vterinarian, viticulturalist and livestock producer.

Customer/consumer representative, Mr Dale Pemberton (Coles).

Independant auditor, Mrs Helen Fletcher, the Quality Manager for CHM Alliance Pty Ltd.