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A Brief History of Quality Assurance (QA) in Pig Production

The Australian Pork Industry Quality Program (APIQ®), was first launched to enhance the reputation of the Australian pork industry as a reliable supplier of safe, healthy and wholesome pork.

It was, and still is, a voluntary program, administered by Australian Pork Limited (APL) on behalf of the pig industry.  Over time, APIQ® provided the framework and tools for pork producers to demonstrate good practices for food safety, traceability, animal welfare and biosecurity. A second transitional quality assurance program called PigPass Quality Assurance (PPQA) was implemented to underpin the declarations made on the PigPass National Vendor Declaration (PPNVD) in relation to food safety and encourage uptake of QA.

The Future

Today’s discerning consumers are less informed about farm practices and food production than they used to be, but are more aware and concerned about animal welfare and food safety, requiring greater assurance from industry on these issues.

Keeping QA Simple 

On-farm systems do not have to be complicated to demonstrate how you meet quality assurance standards.  Basically, your Piggery Management Manual and records describe the day-to-day tasks on your farm, and how they are performed.   Providing you follow accepted ‘Good Agricultural Practices’ (GAP), and successfully meet APIQ® Standards, you will receive APIQ® Certification that allows you to sell your pigs as ‘Quality Assured’.

Benefits of APIQtickp15x16® to Pig Producers

  • APIQ® provides the framework and tools to help you implement efficient management and recording systems on-farm.
  • APIQ® Certification gives your customers assurance that you meet high standards for food safety, animal welfare, biosecurity and traceability, as well as good agricultural practice in managing your pigs.
  • APIQ® helps protect your piggery and the industry from exotic diseases.
  • APIQ® Certification opens the door to both domestic and export markets.
  • APIQ® removes confusion by having one set of standards for certified producers, and customers know what APIQ® Certification stands for.

Managing a piggery according to the APIQ® prescribed program delivers pigs of a consistent quality, which in turn, delivers customer satisfaction and profitability.